We were very pleased to welcome a large party of Norwich Society members on 20 June.

Their coach dropped them off in Coprolite Street, because our first aim was to show them the Waterfront developments which can be seen best of all from the mezzanine floor of Coffee link in the Neptune Marina block. But the very name ‘Coprolite Street’ is intriguing to visitors. I’m told it’s probably the only street in the world so named and that geologists from other countries have been known to pose proudly beside one the street name plates!*

However we didn’t dwell much on that since enjoying a cup of coffee was top priority. Then three of our members who are also experienced town guides – Margaret Hancock and Lois and Chris Terry - each took a group of thirteen on a tour, walking along the northern quays to see Isaac Lord’s, the Custom House and the work at Regatta Quay and so up to Fore Street and cutting through various lanes past the remains of Blackfriars, the Sutton Hoo screen at the Old Cattle Market and breaking for lunch at Cromwell Square.

After lunch we reconvened to visit the Unitarian Meeting House and Willis, followed by sharing a chuckle in front of Giles’ Grandma and on to the Cornhill, the Ancient House, Northgate Street and finishing at Christchurch mansion. Those visitors who still had plenty of energy left dispersed to see the Mansion. We hope that those who merely wanted to rest and drink their tea will comeback to Ipswich and explore the mansion. We shall be arranging a visit of our members to Norwich next year when their Society will be the hosts.

Neil Salmon

*(If you didn’t know, coprolite is fossilised dung rich phosphates and found in Suffolk coastal areas. It was a valuable source of fertiliser exploited by the pioneering Edward Packard in his factory built here on the quay in 1850.)