In our April Newsletter (Issue 225) we featured a 1950 photograph, courtesy of David Kindred, of ‘St John’s Mill’ on Woodbridge Road. The following passage explains the large chimney seen behind the building.


“Lattice Barn”, Woodbridge Road (1899, 4483)

This tall smock mill appeared in the 1850s, possibly as a result of a move, as suggested earlier. The miller in 1858 was T. Elvin; it soon passed to Charles Smith, whose family continued to use it until it ceased work in 1922. The shutters were then taken out and the cap and sails removed in 1925. It succumbed to Amos Clarke’s axe c.1930, after which the site was built over. Smiths also ran a steam mill on the Woodbridge Road which had its stones replaced by a “Tattersall” roller mill in 1898. The mill building still stands, now occupied by Messrs. Barnard, who sell flour and meal from the premises (though it is milled elsewhere).


This information is taken from the Suffolk Mills Group Newsletter, March 1979 in an article by Peter Dolman. The Lattice Barn windmill was sited to the south of today’s public house of the same name.

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