We have in Ipswich an amenity which is totally neglected and wasted: the valley of the River Gipping. If only a proper cycleway/pathway could be made on both sides, suitably fenced (not a towpath), with low level lighting and CCTV cameras, then we could have a cycle/pedestrian route from Bramford to Stoke Bridge via the railway station. With access slopes at various places, the path would be virtually level and a cyclist’s paradise.

The river needs cleaning up to make it attractive. Maybe the Flood Barrier could be used to keep the river in water so that it could be navigable by shallow pleasure boats at all times.

At present the area around the river is neglected and this would have to change. The old Cattle Dock was improved some years ago but it seems ignored since. It is now a haven for rough sleepers. What a waste of money.

Whilst thinking the unthinkable, what of the town centre? The whole principle of the town being a close conglomeration of shops to which people must come to purchase their needs is now outdated and there need to be other attractions to bring people to town. What if we did away with the old Post Office and Town Hall/Corn Exchange? The area then could be opened up as an amenity area for a decent market and public entertainment. Westgate Street and Tavern Street need to be made into proper pedestrian-only areas with barriers to prevent access by any vehicles between 10am and 4pm.

On-street parking should be banned in the town centre, but the car parks should be made free after 10am. The Park & Rides should also be free. The cost, initially, would have to come from Council Tax; control of the parking fees would have to be taken back by the Council.

What is needed is greater economic activity, in whatever form that might be, to generate income by the community for the community.

Mike Neale