Ipswich Borough Council maintains a ‘Local List’, a document which identifies undesignated heritage assets which have architectural, historic, aesthetic, associative or evidential value which contributes to the historic interest of the Borough, and are sites which do not benefit from formal designation under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, being neither statutorily listed, nor included within Conservation Areas.

The purpose of the Local List is to identify undesignated heritage assets which are of local importance. A ‘heritage asset’ could be a building, monument, structure, archaeological site, area or landscape which has a degree of heritage significance.

In order to maintain the Local List, Ipswich Borough Council reviews the list every three years to ensure the 154 entries already on the list are worthy inclusions, remove any entries which may have received formal designation since the last review, as well as consider additional entries to the list.

Ipswich Borough Council is looking to work with local communities for the 2019 Local List review, and is seeking nominations from members of the public to highlight potential candidates for the Council to consider adding to the list in the next review.

Heritage assets to be included on the Local List must be of local significance and have heritage value. This may arise from age, rarity, aesthetic interest, group value, architectural value, archaeological interest, archival interest, historical association, designated landscape interest, landmark status, or have social and communal value perceived as a source of local identity.

During the 2019 review process, Ipswich Borough Council will consider nominations from members of the public of sites for inclusion on the Local List. Following the assessment of these candidates, a revised Local List will be issued for public consultation and adoption by the Council. A revised Local List will then be published, and again reviewed in 3 years.

If a heritage asset is included on the Local List, this does not mean that it becomes statutorily listed under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, but rather, that the building is of significance to the history of the local area, and its conservation becomes a material planning consideration when determining the outcome of planning applications.

If you can think of a heritage asset which you feel should be considered for inclusion on the 2019 Local List, please get in touch via the Historic Buildings and Conservation pages of the Ipswich Borough Council website (www.ipswich.gov.uk/local-list-community-nominations).

Nominations must be submitted by 31/05/2019.

Rebecca Styles, Conservation Officer