Something to look forward to: from 24 November to 28 April 2019 Christchurch Mansion plays host to Auguste Rodin’s famous sculpture The Kiss with supporting exhibits. This follows successful shows of John Constable’s large Salisbury Cathedral with rainbow painting and the Wolsey’s angels exhibition.

At the request of my predecessor as Editor, Neil Salmon, this issue sees the return of the regular column Street scene, once written by local architect Adam Gordon for this Newsletter. This will keep us all up to speed with many of the changes in our town. Tim Leggett contributes a bumper two-pager to start us off on page 9, plus the cover and inset monochrome photographs.

Talking of the cover, our July 2018 splash of full colour front and back pages garnered praise from readers and requests for it to be a regular feature. So it will be.

Axeman, spare that tree – oh, too late… Visitors to the Maritime Ipswich Festival might have had something of a shock when walking past the Question Mark sculpture towards the university car park. The ‘clearance’ of trees for The Hold site sure was thorough. Heavy work on the preparation of the site is in full swing.                                          Robin Gaylard