A-Z of Ipswich: places, people, history

by Sarah E. Doig, Amberley Publishing, 2018. £14.99

This is the latest in a long-ish line of books about Ipswich using the honourable ‘scissors and paste’ approach to publishing (the Society’s blue plaques and Maritime Trail obviously played their part in the research). Quality and accuracy can be variable in such publications. At whom is the book aimed? Many Society members will already be aware of most of the material here, broken up as it is by colour photographs. One suspects that it is a book which will predominantly be purchased as a gift to others. One can always quibble with detail: most agree that the brackish waters of the Orwell mingle with the fresh waters of the Gipping at Horseshoe Weir north of Handford Bridge, not near Stoke Bridge. So, in summary, the more that we can get the word out about Ipswich being an excellent place to visit or to move to, the better. This book serves this purpose well.