Heard of car clubs? They are becoming increasingly popular in London and there is some pressure to establish one close to the Ipswich Waterfront. They are run by commercial organisations but individuals who don’t need a car every day or choose not to own one can join the club and gain use of a car for an hour, a day or a weekend.

The car club provider rents parking spaces, usually in the car park of a residential block, and provides medium-sized cars. Members then use the internet to book a vehicle which can be for as little as thirty minutes or as long as six months – very useful facility for getting to the DIY store or into the Suffolk countryside, for an occasional visit to relatives or to the hospital.

The individual saves on road tax, insurance and on the need for a parking space (making some of the Waterfront apartments very attractive). It costs between £1 and £5 per week to become a member and between £25 and £35 per day to use the vehicle. Cheaper membership club cars cost more to use. The convenience of a readily available car, regularly serviced and ready to drive away is said to be beneficial not only to the club member but also the environment. Cars are typically Vauxhall Astras or VW Golfs depending on the commercial organisation running the club. They are changed after six months.