I thought it might be interesting for the many new members of the Society to learn something about the workings of our Blue Plaque scheme.

The scheme was started as a Millennium project to recognise the significant contribution to Ipswich of people, from all walks of life, who were either born in the town, had moved to the  town or had been regular visitors.  One of our members, the late Brian Jepson, had designed and erected a blue plaque to commemorate the Dutch artist Cor Visser who had previously lived in his house in Fore Street.  Using his plaque design and adopting elements of the English Heritage blue plaque scheme for London the Ipswich Society scheme was born.

Three new plaques were installed last year, bringing the total to 26.  Our aim is to install two plaques per year.  This is dependent on suitable candidates being put forward by Society members and the general public and any suggestions are most welcome.

To protect the integrity of the scheme our first condition is that all candidates must have passed away more than twenty years ago. It is hoped that this period will be long enough to ensure that any flaws in a candidate’s character will have come to light.  Proposers will then be sent a list of the information required to support their application.  This includes a brief justification for the nomination; the proposed location of the plaque; confirmation that the owner and occupier of the  location are  prepared to have a plaque installed on their property; confirmation that any required planning permission is in place; an image of the subject and finally a suggestion on the wording of the plaque.  The proposal will then receive a thorough examination and further information or clarification may be requested.  Once it is in order, the proposal will be put to the Society’s Executive Committee for approval.

Tony Robson

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