As you will all have surmised, the roster of events planned to celebrate the Ipswich Society’s 60th birthday slightly ran into the buffers during the successful ‘Cornhill Cubes’ exhibition. We managed to get the anniversary Newsletter published after the ‘Stay at home’ policy was introduced. However, plans were well advanced for the Field of the Cloth of Gold exhibition (which will miss its 500 years this June, but will appear later), the Annual General Meeting has been postponed, the Tutankhamun Exhibition and Finchingfield/Hadleigh outings have been cancelled and we’ll hope that things have improved by the planned Garden Party in July.


If you would like to receive your quarterly Newsletter by email, please let the Hon. Secretary know. Emailing saves the Society money and cuts down on paper, printing and postage. It also reduces the risk of coronavirus spread arising from handling, transfers and posting.