Photo: John Norman

Fish flies no more. Sad news: the flying fish which stood atop of Wm Rush, Fish, Game and Poultry shop in Norwich Road, (internally, the decorative ceramic tiles are mainly intact) has been destroyed. In the process of re-roofing the property the contractor accidentally broke the terra-cotta feature and we understand it is irreparable. The upper carved beam in the gable bears the date 1891 with a merchant’s mark. The property today is the Maharani Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant.

Above: A 1912 photograph of ‘W. Rush, West End, Fish, Game and Poultry Mart [market], Ice Importer’; the flying fish can be seen at the apex of the roof.

The Brave New World comes with a brave price-tag

Given the recent coverage of Extinction Rebellion demonstrations, confronting the way in which we exploit the planet’s resources is a challenge to us all. If you thought that the internet and digital technology were the answer to everything… ‘Computer systems draw a huge amount of energy. Already it’s estimated that computer use around the world is responsible for more greenhouse gas emission than the entire airline industry. If energy-intensive processes… keep expanding, that’s only going to get worse.’ New ways of seeing, Radio 4, 8.5.2019.


The Ipswich Society tiptoes further into social media

Neil Thompson has started an Instagram account for The Ipswich Society. Here’s an invitation to members to subscribe to Instagram and follow ‘theipswichsociety’. Downloading the app, either from Apple or the android store is free and very easy.


Brickmakers Wood takes the next step forward

Following launch events in Sudbury and Ipswich Jo and Rob Brooks, who run Brickmakers Wood in Ipswich, among other excellent ventures, sought to put their projects on a sounder financial footing, to be able to support more and engage with the local community, through a Community Share issue. At the end of May, The Eden-Rose Community Ltd ( reached its minimum target of £40,000 (match-funding from Co-operatives UK and Locality doubles this amount). This is a major boost to the community woodland in Ipswich. See our Newsletter, October 2018 (Issue 213).   


Ten years of DanceEast: ‘Studios from Silos’

To celebrate ten years since DanceEast moved into the Jerwood Dance House on Albion Quay, occupying the first four floors of The Mill tower block, an exhibition of Valerie Irwin's charcoal drawings of the Waterfront Regeneration (2005-2009) relating to this Cranfield’s site will be staged,  24th July to 8th September 2019 in The Whistler Gallery at Dance East. See Newsletter, January 2019 (Issue 214).  

49 drawings have been especially selected to focus on the building of the Dance House. For the first time in an exhibition of work from The Change in Charcoal Collection the drawings will be for sale, the proceeds  going to support the work of the Valerie Irwin Archive Project in preparing them for safeguarding and preservation at the NewSuffolk Record Office, The Hold.



Pedants’ corner

“This sentence is likely ruffling some feathers and probable end in tears.”

So, in the ongoing scenario (is that a thing?) of the above, the reality is – going forward – that the probably direction of travel is likely a minefield to avoid. Just sayin’… (At this point the Editor had to lie down for a while.)