It's that time of the year when we begin to look around our fair town for new developments, for renovations, for improvements to the building stock we become so used to.

Each member knows his or her area very well, each member will be able to make observations about the building progress in the area around where they live and in the area of the town they pass through daily. We depend upon the acuity of our membership and the local knowledge for producing a list of the properties and street scenes which are worthy of consideration for our Annual Awards.

Very soon we will be contacting our adjudicators who kindly make themselves available during the autumn to consider the nominations from our membership.

If you become aware of a completed project in your locality, evidence of a change in street scene or renovation of an existing building or careful redecoration, refiguring of a site, then please contact our Vice-Chairman Tony Marsden whose email address is available on our website and on page 23 of this Newsletter.

The full specification for the Annual Awards is available on the website if you care to scrutinise it prior to contacting us. We await your nominations!

Tony Marsden (Vice-Chairman)