Following a number of admiring comments about our cover photograph on the April 2019 issue, I should have included a credit for the photographer: our Chairman, John Norman. A technical slip ‘lost’ the caption during final preparations. The lofty view of the Wet Dock northern quays from Isaac’s to Neptune Marina was actually taken by John, not from a hot air balloon above the water, but from the roof of the Winerack when two intrepid members of the Society’s Executive Committee were taken up there during an early phase in the completion of the block. The perspective fooled a lot of people, including your editor.

It is also worth mentioning that this very same image became an important feature on one of a pair of new Ipswich Society pull-up banners which were on show for the first time at our AGM in April. The other photograph – as featured on the front cover of our publication Ipswich: a town to be proud of – is a view of The Ancient House and Butter Market taken on a very early summer morning by our Vice-Chairman, Tony Marsden.

Ipswich: a town to be proud of

If you are unable to attend one of the Society’s events to pick up your copy of its new publication Ipswich: a town to be proud of, please contact our Hon. Secretary (contact details on page 23) and we will do our best to deliver a copy to you – within the Ipswich area only, please.

So far, it’s been very well received.




Photograph detail below: Where can this be seen? See Letters to the Editor on page 17.

Robin Gaylard

[N.B.: ‘Street Scene’ returns next issue.]

Above: our cover image. ‘A dappled shade across the door of St Clements this morning.’ Photograph by Graham Smith 12.5.2019