Front cover image: The Cenotaph memorial sarcophagus, Christchurch Park. Photo by Graham Smith. (Article: page 16)

Our readership can almost always be relied upon to furnish further information on our articles almost before the Newsletter has hit the front door mat. I would direct you to Letters to the Editor on pages 7 and 22. Also, an unforgivable omission, I didn’t credit Jan Parry, currently our Mayor and President of the Society, with the remarkable feature of the proposed Monopole mentioned in my last Editorial (October 2020 issue). Jan unearthed the fact that the 20 metre phone mast would have been the height of The angel of the north sculpture in Newcastle. She writes: ‘It is a remarkable fact which I couldn't quite believe and had to keep rechecking!’.

We continue our theme of public art in Ipswich from last issue with an excellent piece by John Field on Ipswich sculptures. If John will forgive me, it’s good to have it ‘from the horse’s mouth’. John was there at a critical time for Ipswich and can tell all sorts of background stories about the works; my thanks to him. The art theme continues in other articles, too.

Many readers say that they appreciate our regular Street scene column (see page 12) for the way in which it keeps them informed about changes which are planned and which have already occurred in Ipswich. The symbiotic relationship between the Society’s lively Facebook page: ( and your Newsletter pleases the editor greatly. My thanks to Tim Leggett and, as always, to all the contributors to this issue.          

Robin Gaylard

Above: Conservation Officer Bob Kindred and John Field during the move of the Giles family sculpture as the focal point of ‘Giles Circus’. (John Field archive). Article page 16.

N.B. This issue of The Ipswich Society Newsletter was delivered to members along with two new Society publications' Public art in Ipswich and the 2020 Photographic Competition / Awards booklet – see our Publications page for links to these PDF downloads.


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