Since 2013 I have been a committee member of the Suffolk Local History Council (an umbrella group for all things history in the county) as the representative of The Ipswich Society.  Changes in my personal life have meant I will resign from the SLHC committee with effect from November 2020.

Therefore the Ipswich Society is looking for someone to represent them at SLHC.  The SLHC Committee is made up of representatives from many areas, such as Record Office, Museum of East Anglian Life, Bawdsey Radar Trust, Suffolk Family History Society, various Local History Societies, Recorders and individuals.

The SLHC produce a Newsletter, Review (of history articles), Calendar of history meetings and Speakers list; it administers the Recorders Scheme, puts on conferences for societies, Recorders & members as well as organising two ‘Focus On’ days each year.

The role of my replacement will be to produce a short report following each SLHC Committee meeting for The Ipswich Society Committee and to help with the running of the various events mentioned above.  There are four meetings a year, on a Thursday, that are held in Ipswich.

You don’t have to wait until next November as you could be seconded on to the SLHC Committee.  I will be remaining on the SLHC Committee until November 2020 owing to another role I have responsibility for.  If you are interested in finding out more about this role, please contact me: email or phone on 01728 628768.

Janette Robinson