Photograph: a ‘typical’ FLS terrace of decently-built houses in Ipswich.

Ipswich Building Preservation Trust (IBPT) partnered with Ipswich Building Society (IBS) is searching for a local residential property built by the Freehold Land Society (FLS) that can be bought and used as an ‘Ipswich Exemplar Initiative’, creating an enduring representation of early Ipswich housing development.

The Trust aims to acquire a 2 to 3 bedroom property which retains some original features, but needs refurbishment. The renovation will illustrate how the property can achieve modern energy efficiencies and still retain its historic character.

During this renovation period IBPT hopes to create workshops, and to record progress. This process and the resulting resources will contribute to education and provide practical guidance for those involved in renovating similar properties. In addition, IBPT aims to include research concerning the human stories associated with the property itself, the Freehold Land Society, and the extension of the parliamentary vote in late 19th century Ipswich.

Of the 484 properties built by the FLS in Ipswich, a number  have been short-listed on the grounds of practicability for restoration and maximum visibility potential for the general public. The Ipswich Building Preservation Trust intends to work with Ipswich Borough Council, Ipswich Building Society and other organisations and heritage professionals to achieve the Ipswich Exemplar Initiative to reinforce the importance of our local building heritage and its links with the community it serves.

If you have, or know of, an FLS property which might be of interest to the Trust in this initiative, please contact Nick Jacob,

IBPT Chairman, 89 Berners Street, Ipswich IP1 3LN (01473- 221150; email: