Passenger Trains

Two hundred years after passenger-carrying railways were introduced the railways are again booming, particularly for long journeys.  The number of people using the railways has doubled in 20 years, in Eastern Region the number of passengers increased from 79 million (1995-96) to 188.5 million (2017-18).  Greater Anglia alone conveyed 1.1 million people every week, all contributing to the costs of the new trains, a totally new fleet of 1,000 items of rolling stock by the end of 2020.


Population of the World

Every day the world population grows by 200,000 people. All of them need feeding. Every minute there are an additional 150 mouths to feed. Every year an additional 75 million people require food, water, electricity and a mobile phone; unfortunately a substantial number won’t have access to a toilet.


Ipswich Arts Centre Memories & Recollections Project

The project culminated in an exhibition at the University’s Waterfront Building, bringing together a wealth of material about the Church of St Clement, the communities and people it served and their stories, a number captured as oral history. It is hoped that the exhibition will appear for a longer period in the future. The project continues…