We were sorry to hear of the sad death of Leonard Woolf, aged 84, at Ipswich Hospital on Friday 12 October 2018 following heart surgery. A man of Ipswich, Leonard attended Ipswich School and has been involved in agriculture, horticulture and environmental issues. He was a long-time member of the Suffolk Federation of Young Farmers, being County Chairman in 1966/67. A long-time member of The Ipswich Society, we are indebted to Leonard for the numerous wonderful photographs of Ipswich, many Edwardian, which he donated to The Ipswich Society’s online Image Archive. He has also been a generous donor of photographs to the Ipswich Maritime Trust. An environmental campaigner for many years, in 2015 he was presented with the Green Hero award for his efforts by Chris Packham. A popular and recognisable figure around the town, here we see him at DanceEast in 2015, photographed with John Norman, Chairman of The Ipswich Society.