• Work on the removal of the ‘Cornhenge’ proceeds. The Borough have paved the space, hiding the fact it was ever there, before deciding on the long term. Snagging problems work will follow shortly afterwards to include new paving along the tops of the steps to make them more visible, extra matching handrails in the middle of the wide steps and matching handrails down the front of the Town Hall steps. Bespoke seating in the same style as the concrete seats incorporating a planter will be bedded into the paving to replace the tapering step.  All to be completed before the Christmas tree arrives. (Information from Jason, Clerk of  Works and the Brookes and Wood Foreman, Marty.)
  • Phase 1 of the revised Theatre Square plan proceeds, which includes the Golden Pavilion.  According to the Wolsey Theatre staff they expect completion in May 2020.
  • New flooring has been laid in the Buttermarket Centre and the pillars refaced on the ground floor area.
  • La Tour Cycle Café on Albion Quay closed for a revamp before re-opening as ‘The Hub Kitchen’ including a vegan menu.
  • Paddy & Scott's international coffee shop franchise move their head office to the University of Suffolk to be up and running by December next to their Coffee House on Neptune Quay which will also have a revamp.                                                                           

Tim Leggett

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