The perspicacious amongst you might have spotted, at the foot of the Society’s website homepage, an Instagram link. This adds to the Society’s social media profile and both platforms tend to reach out beyond the ‘normal’ Ipswich Society demographic. Neil Thompson who runs the Instagram account for us, writes: ‘We now have over 300 followers and growing. I can’t say for certain but I doubt many, if any, are Society members so, a whole new audience.’ The other positive feature is that Instagram is a very visual means of communicating and, with our extraordinary Image Archive and focus on visual material in the Newsletter, this clearly pays dividends when it would be easy for an organisation such as ours to rely only on its core audience, much as we love them.


Is grey the new Suffolk Pink when painting the outside of your house?


Quote of the year

‘Remember that viruses don’t move; people move.’

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