Editorial. There really is no need for one: this extra issue of the Newsletter speaks eloquently for itself. Many thanks to all the contributors who responded so well and so rapidly.        R.G.



The only way to describe the current situation is eerie and I have no doubt that it will be world- changing. Almost every one of us has been jolted out of our daily schedule and forced to adopt a different routine. I know some members have been so concerned by the rapid spread of the virus across the country that they have not dared venture beyond the garden gate, hence the rationale behind this bonus edition of the Newsletter.

Newsletter Editor, Robin Gaylard, put the April edition together somewhat earlier than expected and our publisher, being a little depleted of other work was able to print the hard copies almost immediately. Thus, I suggested to the usual contributors that we could keep members informed of the wider Ipswich picture with an additional edition.

I had my doubts that there would be anything forthcoming, given that very little is happening across the town.  How wrong I was. Robin was inundated with contributions and was able to put this bonus Newsletter together reasonably swiftly.  Sharward’s confirmed that they were still working, that they could receive the ‘copy’ electronically and that Royal Mail would still collect and distribute hard copies.

Hence you have an additional Newsletter in lieu of an AGM, Winter Illustrated Talks, summer outings and other sixtieth anniversary events. A poor substitute, perhaps, but it is our way of staying in touch.

I very much hope that things are back to normal before the summer is over, that the Garden Party planned for July can go ahead and that we can still organise a couple of outings before the end of September.

John Norman


Oak dresser (copied from a South Wales antique) by Titchmarsh & Goodwin. See page 19.

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