Our Photographic Competition comes to the Cornhill

Some good news at last (we have to play the long game in these troubled times…) Members may remember, way back in the first lockdown (or was it the second?), the Society ran a photographic competition to celebrate our 60th anniversary. A good number of photographers entered a wide variety of images in a range of styles and approaches, from the opportunistic snapshot to the carefully composed view; some had post-production image editing, too. Some, no matter how good, weren’t eligible because they weren’t of Ipswich. However, the judges had much from which to select. Our colour booklet which was included with the January 2021 Newsletter celebrated the short-listed photographs and they will all be featured (enlarged) in a Cornhill Cubes exhibition on, logically, the Cornhill from Wednesday 30 June until Friday 30 July.

If you haven’t ventured into the town centre since the last lockdown, this may tempt you out to see how the town is faring (see also Street scene on page 14). Huge thanks to all those who entered photographs in 2020 and congratulations to those who were short-listed. After the exhibition we will announce the winners.

Note: you can view all the photographic entries submitted – over 100 – in a special album on our Image Archive.

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