Back and front covers of Issue 226 showing some features of the pandemic lockdowns.

In the light of the Society’s Public art in Ipswich booklet, distributed free in January, Bob Markham reminded us of one of our largest – not to mention heaviest –  piece of public art: the Sarsen stones arranged on the river path near to the skate park. His article on page 17 and the photograph below places the assemblage in context and deals with the problems of abuse and spray-painting of the ancient stones. We should reclaim this massy geological artwork for the town and celebrate the vision of the enthusiasts who asked Bernard Reynolds to arrange the stones by our river. Burying two of them on end must have been quite a feat. Compiling that booklet revealed the number of additional works which could arguably have been included. 

Robin Gaylard














Our back pages… The Sarsen stones near Stoke Bridge in more sylvan times (Newsletter no.137, October 1999). Article page 17.

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