The built environment

Wimborne Road area: ‘garden city’-style

I'm not sure if the building in this area would meet the criteria of a 'garden city', but the roads I saw in Ipswich on a sunny summer's day which seemed quite ideal and paradisical, were those around Wimborne Avenue [off Foxhall Road]. Most of the front gardens of the properties aren't fenced-off and don’t have well-defined boundaries; the trees and environment seemed well cared-for. What was most noticeable was the generous provision of space in pavement walkways, borders, and front gardens.

External cladding simulating brick [thermal insulation]

These properties are a notable development that readers might be interested in. One of the residents I spoke with, when looking at the ones on Alderman Road, mentioned the other properties on Bramford Road (beyond the Tesco Local, on the right side going out of town, with a few also on properties behind those, on Henniker Road).      

Dominic Wall

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